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Ok today is Monday and today we are going white water rafting; bring it on.

We have to get up at 6.30am so we have enough time for breakfast (which I forgot to say is included in the price of the room too; self service) and my morning coffee so I can function properly! I have no problems getting up since I really didn't sleep much and I am quite excited about today's adventure.
The train takes about 1 ½ hours but the view is amazing and the train track is situated right next to the river so we can see the rapids we will be riding back down. They don't look too big or scary and we are all excited.

We jump of the train and walk the short distance to the hut where the raft is being set up for us. They don't look so big but can hold up to 10 people; there are only 5 of us plus the 2 rafting men so we have lots of space and are not crammed in like the others looked when full. We grab life jacket and helmet, are briefed on what to do should we capsize (and we will capsize they make sure of it), then walk to river and away we go.

The first few rapids are taster rapids meaning they are only small and I guess a bit boring once you've been through the bigger ones. The river level is quite high so most of the rapids are level 3 & 4 (5 is the highest) and all have names which I will get to soon.

So the first big rapid is Head Hunter and rafting into it doesn't seem so bad. We are told when to paddle and whether to paddle hard or soft. We raft through no probs and its quite good fun. We are then told to jump in the water to make sure our life jackets work and keep us afloat
The water is lovely and cool, albeit a bit mucky and murky; they have aptly renamed it yellow/brown water rafting! We then body raft for a short distance which is so much fun. The current just sweeps us down river and we just have to watch out for a few rocks (most have been removed to make it safe). We climb back on board (well me being so small I am dragged back on board) ready to hit Scooby Doo rapid and the fun begins. We laughed so much as our raft is tossed in the air and turned sideways hitting huge waves but we all managed to cling on for dear life. We later found out that they actually tried to tip us over here but it didn't work. Here we hit a huge wave sideways on and the boat went flying in the air, we all fell out.
The rafting took nearly 1 ½ hours and went way too fast.
I managed to get some pics of the other rafts coming down after we had got out.

So far we love Brunei, it's amazing place.

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